eDub Services, based in the North of England, is helping bring the Retro Electric revolution to classic cars, starting with the iconic, VW camper van. By removing the engine and replacing it with a battery pack and electric motor, packages are available to achieve over 200 miles range per charge.

Originally eDub Services started in the tourism industry in 2013, hiring out a classic camper converted to electric power for tailored trips around Yorkshire. As demand for electric vehicles increased, eDub Services decided to branch into the conversion industry with eDub Conversions.

“We became experts by accident,” says Company Director, Kit Lacey, “Having discussions with electric conversion specialists and suppliers around the world, we were aiming to create the best experience for our hire customers. So when people started asking us about having their own conversion, we decided to put that intelligence to good use.”

As part of the UKs Green targets, the Automotive industry is moving away from petrol and diesel combustion engines with a ban on all sales of new petrol diesel and hybrid cars by 2035. In contrast; the Electric Vehicle market is growing rapidly with sales of EVs predicted to grow by 800% by 2022 (Since 2018, SMMT)

So, why did eDub Services change their business model. A recent study according to The Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs National Historic Vehicle Survey, shows that 8.2m people in Britain have an interest in historic vehicles and a staggering 1,039,950 historic vehicles are registered, more than half of which are currently on the road and the total value of these vehicles is £17.8b

eDub Services has an ambitious, but not impossible goal; to have an electric drivetrain kit for every classic vehicle, starting with the VW camper van.

Keep an eye on Retro Electric for more details on Kits creations and make sure you head to Retro Electric Live in August 2021 where eDub Services will have their latest conversions on display

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