Totem, an Italian company that specializes in reviving vintage cars, is now working hard on rebuilding an Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior, but a Giulia with a difference.

The latest work from Totem sees them converting a classic alfa to Epower for the first time. The GTElectric is based on the GT Junior, one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, however the GTElectric exterior features design inspirations from a few Giulia models from across the years.

A 50.4-kwh battery pack provides a range of 199 miles at “standard pace,” according to the company. The prototype car has a 6.6-kw onboard charger, but production cars will have a more-powerful fast-charging system, the company confirmed.

Totem said the battery pack weighs 771.6 pounds, but the carbon-fiber body will offset some of that weight. Only 10 per cent of the original chassis is retained, with the rest replaced by aluminum and carbon fibre to support over 510hp and 940Nm of power. This helps the GTelectric accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds.

Totem have made some subtle changes. The GTElectric has four headlights instead of the original two, the C-pillar is redesigned, and the Alfa grille badge lacks the bars of the original. Totem also redesigned the underside of the car to improve aerodynamics, creating a flat floor with rear air diffusers to generate enhanced downforce

The interior has been significantly updated as you would expect, with a digital dash display and Bluetooth infotainment system.

As of now, only the rendered images of the GTelectic you see here are available, but Totem had originally intended to debut the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, so expect to see it in the flesh soon.

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