Retro Electric – The home of electrifying classic cars

Welcome to Retro Electric. The home of retro fitting electric power to classic and older cars.

Retro Electric is the first website in the world that is dedicated to vehicles retro fitted with electric power plants.

Retro Electric is the place to find the latest model reviews, technical information, buying advice and help for anyone who owns or is considering buying a Retro EV.

We will be the first to cover the latest vehicles to be converted and talk to companies and owners who have converted their vehicles to E power.

We will provide easy to understand technical advice from the specialists who convert vehicles so that you can make the right choices when you buy or have your car converted.

Our forum will be the place to start asking questions and posting your own Retro Electrics.

We will be featuring al types off retro fitted vehicles here, from entry level EV conversions right through to million pound one-off vehicles.

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