Renault has unveiled an all-new take on the Renault 4 based Plein Air – with its e-Plein Air Retro EV concept.

It’s Renault’s own retro take on the electric car, and is based on the original Renault Plein Air, first introduced back in 1968. It was a door-less convertible which sat on the underpinnings of the original Renault 4.

However, for the e-Plein Air, Renault has done away with the original’s petrol engine, instead replacing it with the all-electric drivetrain from the current Twizy.

Though the all-electric range of the concept has yet to be announced, given the Twizy’s max range of around 60 miles, it’s likely to be around the 30-mile mark. Styling touches include a closed-off front grille, bright blue seats and a bespoke luggage rack at the rear.

The concept has been designed and built by Renault Classic in partnership with French classic car specialists Melun Retro Passion. Currently a one-off, it has been designed to see how Renault’s Retro models can be adapted for E-power.

Renault Classic looks after the firm’s heritage models, and it will be showcasing the e-Plein Air at the 4L International event – a show which is dedicated to celebrating the Renault 4.

The concept follows in the footsteps of other manufacturers who are starting to look to retro-inspiration, with the likes of Aston Martin, Jaguar and Mini all issuing their own takes on a classic electric car. As the e-Plein Air is just a concept for now, there are no concrete plans to put it into production, but hopefully this will be inspiration for someone out there to convert their own Renault 4 to E-power..

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