Month: June 2020

Little Dude

In between Biggly and Smalley we have the source of all kindness in our family. The creative genius in our world, Middley will say things that fill the darkest day with hilarity and warmth – in Middley World anything is possible!

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In any whole the parts that make it so must always be in balance. For Ying there is Yang. Light creates Dark and vice versa. In our family to balance out the High Energy of Biggly we have the gentle warm slumber of Littley. Even on a country ramble she will find a way of…

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Maximus Energus

In our family there is one little monkey that climbs higher than any other, one racing snake that streaks out in front, one kooky little fruit bat that is a little nuttier than all the others. He is our Biggly and we adore his energy and lust for life – even if it leaves us…

By snugglebunny79 June 9, 2020 0