Most of the conversions we’ve covered on here so far have been home build projects, however retro conversion specialists are popping up throughout the country and even manufacturers are getting in on the action now.

Step forward Jaguar, with the Jaguar Classic E-Type Zero. This is arguably the most famous of all Retro-Electric conversions, given that an electric E-Type was used by Prince Harry and Meghan for their swift (and green) departure from their wedding reception.

Jaguar debuted the E-Type Zero last year to gauge interest and has now decided that there is sufficient interest to put the vehicle into production, no doubt helped by that famous royal driver.

Jaguar is in the perfect position to build this car, their specialist division “Jaguar Classic” has a history of building continuation models, most famous of which is the lightweight E-type, which are now worth upwards of £2million each.

This experience of being able to reimagine classic cars by improving them, whilst retaining the original essence gives them the knowledge to be able to create the perfect Retro-EV. Jaguar also know a thing or two about creating electric vehicles, with their award winning i-pace. 

Customers can either purchase a completed car or have their own E-Type converted by Jaguar and it’s no surprise that much of the conversion is completed using i-Pace parts. Completed in-house at their Jaguar Classic facility, what makes this conversion so interesting is that  it will be fully reversible should the owner desire.  

A range of 170 miles is claimed, which is more than ample, especially given that most of the vehicles converted are likely to be used for much shorter journeys, after all, it’s unlikely that any of these conversions are going to be used to complete the daily commute or bomb up and down the countries motorways.

The length of the E-Type engine bay, required to fit the original straight 6 engine, offers much more space than some conversions and the battery pack takes the place of the engine under the bonnet with the motor living where the gearbox would normally sit. 

Whilst no performance figures have yet been released, Jaguar claims that the E-Type Zero will accelerate more quickly than the original car and retain the same balance and handling characteristics as the original.

Finished vehicles are expected to start being delivered to owners later this year, so watch this space for more details on the first completed cars. 

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