We all love classics cars but we all know they do have their drawbacks. Reliability can be one of the key ones, which is why we like the idea of fitting E-power. It’s also why so many companies like to modernise their classics. It keeps the style, charm and character that you want from an old-school car, but takes away the will it start-won’t it start headache. We take a look at some of the best recreations you can buy that we think should be offered with E-power too.

Jaguar Reborn E-Type

E-Type restoration
The selected E-Types were faithfully restored using original drawings

Sometimes if you want a Jaguar restored properly, it’s best to go to Jag themselves. It’s showcased this with the E-Type Reborn, a completely ground-up, nuts-and-bolts restoration of one of its most iconic models.

The first is a 1965 Series 1 Fixed Head Coupe 4.2, built back up to the original specification set by Jaguar when it was launched. Jag’s engineers had access to build records and original drawings to ensure that it was spot-on, while improved cooling, a full syncromesh gearbox and larger brakes were fitted too. It did come at a cost, mind you, with Jaguar asking £285,000 for each, surely this is just crying out for a modern E power plant?

David Brown Automotive Mini Remastered

David Brown Mini
The Stormbringer looks more akin to a movie car

It’s a tough challenge to improve an icon, don’t you think? But David Brown Automotive, UK-based car restorer, believes it has done just that with its classic Mini. It’s been given a high-end overhaul, with LED illuminated dials, full leather upholstery and even an infotainment system.

And the engine has been given a looking over too. The standard 1330cc engine now pushes out over 83bhp and uses a five-speed manual gearbox. The brakes have been upgraded too, as has the exhaust system, however we know of a number of Retro-EV Minis that are pushing out more power than this, so wonder why David Brown hasn’t cottoned on yet.

Singer Porsche

Singer 911s
Singer vehicles get an extraordinary level of craftsmanship lavished upon them

This is Singer’s Porsche 911, and to our eyes it’s one of the prettiest remastered cars ever made. Don’t you think it just looks fantastic?

But it’s not just looks, either. Underneath it gets a modern chassis, modern brakes and suspension and a modern engine too – so it goes just as well as it looks. It’s an impressive piece of machinery this one, it just needs a modern electric motor and it will be well and truly up to date.

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuation

DB4 Continuation
The DB4 gets a larger 4.7-litre engine

Aston Martin knows a thing or two about making beautiful cars, and the DB4 will likely go down as one of the best-looking of all time. But by modern standards, they aren’t that quick – and not that reliable, either.

Enter the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. It takes all of the beauty and drama you’d want from the DB4, but delves under the skin to make things just a little better. The six-cylinder engine from the regular DB4 has been enlarged to 4.7-litres, and now pushes out a healthy 390bhp, which is a significant improvement on the original, but why not got the whole hog and electrify this for real pace and refinement? It should go like a rat up a drain pipe, then.

Lister Knobbly

Lister Knobbly
The Knobbly brings with it huge performance

The Lister Knobbly has a long and varied history, with a sparkling career in racing which began with the original car back in 1958. This modern version is built using original drawings and manufacturing jigs, but still produces 330bhp from its 3.8-litre engine. In fact, 0 to 60mph takes just 4.3 seconds in the Knobbly.

Though a true racing car, Lister make a road-going knobbly, which means that you can get out on the streets in a real classic – or at least a continued one, but we have yet to see anything quite like this that now E-powered, so lets see lister give it a go.


RUF 911
RUF has a long-standing history of producing incredible sports carrs

We’ve got no qualms with included another Porsche-based car on this list, and the RUF CTR is certainly one of the brightest cars on this list. It pays homage to the classic CTR ‘Yellow Bird’ of the late 80s, and features a twin-turbo flat-six engine with an incredible 700bhp. It’s easily one of the most powerful cars on this list.

Forged alloy wheels, an carbon-fibre chassis and integrated roll cage all show how serious this CTR is. And yet, it’s still a 911 at heart!


In terms of iconic cars, the DeLorean is right up there

Never has a car cried out for electrification like the DeLorean. It had a short and swift life. The brief glimmer of one of the most iconic gullwing cars of all time made a sizeable impact on the motoring world, as well as popular culture thanks to its inclusion in “that” film.

But what people won’t tell you is that the DeLorean wasn’t all that good. It’s why the DeLorean Motor Company – a new enterprise based in America – is rebuilding the famed car with new parts and a more powerful engine. A Hollywood star with a bit more impact, you could say. but come on guys, where we’re going, we don’t need petrol!

Bentley Blower Continuation

Blower Continuation
The Blower Continuation project added more sparkle to an icon

The huge Bentley Blower was a sizeable presence on the motoring scene back in 1929, mainly thanks to its colossal proportions and 4 ½-litre supercharged engine. It was a colossus of the time and continues to be today.

And Bentley, being Bentley, has decided to revisit the icon by creating several ‘continuation’ models. To do so, they’ve taken apart their own factory Blower and categorised each and every part to create a digital model of the car. From there, they create identical parts to create identical Blowers – it’s clever stuff, that’s for sure.

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