It is not often that a motoring icon is reborn and updated all at the same time. Yet one of the two new models in the 2020 AC Cobra range launched today come with an unexpected powertrain option, electric!

The AC Cobra Series 1 electric ( bit of a mouthful) has been revealed as a limited edition run of E-powered cars and is the first ever electric cars to bear the AC marque. Just 58 cars will be made, celebrating 58 years since the production of the first AC Cobra, which is surely one of the most iconic cars ever built.

The car will look identical to the first AC Cobra that was made in 1962, encapsulating the spirit of the original cars and will have a similar ladder frame, adapted where necessary for the electric drive components, including batteries.

There are a number of upgrades for the electric car, including steering and brakes, all designed to provide 2020 standards of ride and handling, without compromising the 1962 style and appeal of the car. The body will be constructed of high-grade composite and the car will have a traditional AC Cobra interior.

Deliveries will start in the last quarter of 2020 and the Suggested Retail selling price will be £138,000 plus on the road charges.

The car will only be available in four colours; electric blue, electric black electric white and electric green and is promised to offer similar performance to the petrol version, with the 0-62mph sprint taking 6.5 seconds from a 230kw motor, producing around 500 Nm of per torque!

The car is likely to offer a range of around 150 miles, which is perfectly useable for a car like the Cobra.

The fact that AC Cars is able to contemplate a fully thought-through rebirth at such a time of upheaval in the global auto industry is largely thanks to the strengths and perseverance of the UK’s longest surviving car brand, founded in 1901.

More information has been promised soon and we hope to chat in more details to Cobra about the car soon

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