On the go electric car charging is set to be transformed, with a world-first public “plug and charge” solution announced by leading EV fast charging provider Tritium.

At present, owners need to access a smartphone app or use a chip card to access the majority of the countries growing network of charging points. However, the new solution from Tritium means owners will be able to simply plug in the car, charge, and drive away.

“It’s going to be as simple as how we charge our phones” claims James Kennedy, CEO of Tritium.

“There is no more need for a membership card or even to swipe a bank card at a terminal; this is the first and most secure iteration available to the market and, once deployed, will render any former payment process as archaic.”

The whole process relies on a simple, but secure “handshake” between the car and the charger, ensuring there is no opportunity for security breaches such a lost or cloned card.

By simplifying the charging process, Kennedy claims that another barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles will be overcome.

“Right now, EV drivers approaching an EV charger will likely have to sign up for that network’s system to access it and pay for the charging session, adding unnecessary time to the experience and siloing charger networks; even accounting for the ability to pay by credit card at some chargers this is wildly inconvenient,” he says.

According to Tritium, the plug and charge capability is simply a software upgrade, which can be deployed to existing chargers. Making role out far simpler than creating a new network of chargers.

However for Retro-EV owners the fly in the ointment is the fact that to use the new plug and charge technology, your vehicles would need to be fitted with a secure cryptographic key. Although they are likely to be fitted to new models, we will need to ensure that retro fitments can also include ethos key.

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