2003 MG TF 115

The 2003 MG TF is being built by Nicholas Warren who has taken inspiration fromNeil Hutchinsons 2000 MGF. This is a build in progress, with more details to follow


Nicholas from Bristol is converting the fun 2 seater from home and has taken inspiration from Neil Hutchinsons 2000 MGF, which is well know in Retro-EV circles.

To keep costs down, Nicholas purchased a donor vehicle for just £875, from which he will be harvesting the Ford Ranger Siemens Simovert motor and the controller.

The build was originally planned with used batteries, but Nicholas decided to spend out on new 376 EIG ePLB CO20B 20Ah lithium-Ion 3.7v cells.

These cells are being placed in a 94s4p configuration, delivering 350v.

To help with the all important charging, Nicholas is fitting an Elcon TC HK-J 6.6kW 32A charger, which is Can enabled.

The all important heating will be provided by an electric ceramic element and to help with creature comforts the car has been retro fitted with 2 12v heated seat pads, a good retro fit in a convertible in the UK.

The conversion was started in October 2019 and Nicholas hopes to do this for as little outlay as possible.

Over and above the E-power conversion the car needed around £300 of additional work.

Watch this space for more details from Nicholas as the build progresses. 

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